Who are we

Who are we

Our mission

To promote the development of ecological transport by educating the public and making the use of transport simple and convenient

Our vision

A world where charging an electric car comes with no worries

Who are we?

Įkrautas team has more than six years of experience in electric car charging and renewable energy. We not only consistently follow global trends but also create them ourselves. We are not just sellers of charging stations – we also provide installation and maintenance services. We install charging stations in private houses, cottages, parking lots in apartment buildings, and public spaces. We prepare projects and communicate with house administration companies.

Our core value is responsibility. We accept it, so we provide professional advice, provide clear and understandable information, and help you make the most favorable decision for electric vehicle charging. We not only provide advice but also take care of the quality of work in the future. Hence, we actively consult and provide a warranty for the operation and installation of the equipment.