Installation service

Installation service

We consult you while choosing the best EV charging solution and take care of the installation of the equipment.

We install charging stations in underground parking lots, private garages, or attach them to the wall outdoors or indoors. In case of the lack of proper support, we offer a stand to attach the station. We provide an individual solution for each situation. We perform all the work required for installation. From the cable routing inside the wall to the hiding of cables outside of the house/facility. Our team also provides a warranty for work and equipment.


• Cable laying in PVC surface, in a straight or corrugated pipe (up to 10 meters)
• If the pipe is being attached to the wall
• Cable connection to an existing electrical cabinet (panel)
• Installation of circuit breaker (for charging station) in electrical cabinet (panel)
• Installation of a differential current protection device in an electrical cabinet (panel)
• Drilling works of one wall (wall thickness up to 50 cm)
• Wall mounting of the charging station
• Charging station configuration and instructions on how to use it


• Additional electrical panel for circuit breaker
(if it does not fit in the existing electrical cabinet)

• Increase of power and related processes and paper work
• Additional permits, other documents for the installation of the charging station
• Project preparation
• Additional electrical installation work
• Other

Standard installation works

The cost of installation work, when the cable is already installed at the place of the station installation:

Contractor’s act (required if the input power needs to be increased)