Your own charging station at home – a safe and convenient charging solution for your electric car every day.

Recharge your car battery efficiently, save time and money on electricity.

Wall-mounted charging stations

Wall-mounted charging stations can be Plug&Play or connected. Plug&Play just charges the EV battery. A smart charging station can be controlled via a mobile application or an online platform. It is convenient if you want to charge the electric car at a cheaper nightly electricity tariff, monitor the charging processes, manage them, or control access to the station.

Portable EV chargers

This is a sufficient alternative to wall-mounted or stationary charging stations. The main advantage of these chargers is their ease of use. All you need to do is connect it to an electrical outlet (socket) and an electric car.

A portable charger is cheaper than a charging station, but usually lacks monitoring and control capabilities, and charging an electric car takes much longer.

It is not recommended to use the portable charger every day due to the risk of overloading the socket. This device is suitable for unforeseen situations when the battery is empty and only the socket is nearby.

Adapters, cables, spare parts

With different connections between the electric car and the charging station, an adapter is required to ensure compatibility between the devices and a successful charging process.

Cables and other spare parts wear over time, break, or get lost. You can easily find them in our store and update your equipment.