Employ electric car charging equipment in your business!

Charging stations in a city square, business center, hotel parking lot or other commercial space are not only an added value for your customers, but also an added benefit for the business.

Purchasing charging equipment

We consult you during the whole process, help to choose the most suitable charging solution according to the individual situation, install the equipment, train how to use it, provide work and equipment guarantees.

Charging infrastructure without initial investment

We consult you and help to choose charging solution. We also install equipment, ensure its service, maintenance, troubleshooting, etc. We take care of everything! In the case of rental, we use a platform to combine the desired number of charging stations on-site and allow the automated monitoring and control of processes.

The charging stations on the site are connected to a platform, where their activity is monitored in an automated way and the charging network is managed.

Rental service payment plans:


(Fixed monthly fee)


(Fee based on actual electricity consumption)


(Fee based on actual electricity consumption + monthly fee)

Advantages of the platform:

– Web portal for convenient platform administration: add or delete users, set prices, manage bills, etc.

Application for users (map of charging stations, possibility of reservation, payment, etc.).

Payment options for users:
‣ using a RFID card
‣ using a mobile application
‣ or a combination of the options listed above.

Backoffice for charging network management

• Automated electrical network management;
• Charging point configuration;
• User administration (add, delete, etc.);
• Pricing settings;
• Reporting, account management, etc.

Mobile App for charging station users

• Find the nearest charging station easily and quickly;
• See charging rates;
• Check charging station occupancy in real time;
• Book a charging station in advance*
• Track your charging history and more.

* If the owner of the charging point provides such an option.