Compensation for the installation of private electric car charging points

Financing provided (from a fixed rate):

  • For natural persons seeking to install EV charging points (3.7-11 kW power) in property owned by property rights (individual houses/gardens).
    Financing intensity – 40 percent.

  • For natural persons seeking to install EV charging points (3.7-11 kW power) in property owned by ownership in an apartment building or on the lot of an apartment building.
    Financing intensity – 60 percent.

  • For legal entities – managers of multi-apartment common use property objects seeking to install EV charging points (7-22 kW power) on legal grounds in real estate objects jointly managed by the apartment building residents for the needs of the apartment building residents.
    Financing intensity – 80 percent.

  • For public or private legal entities seeking to install EV charging points (7-22 kW power) for the needs of their employees.
    Financing intensity – 30 percent.

Funding is available only for the installation of new and previously unused equipment and related components. Expenses incurred from the date of publication of the first call for proposals is considered eligible.

charging station

Project result: 53 200 number of installed and operational private EV charging access points in households, courtyards of apartment buildings, workplaces until 2026 m. march 31 d.

Project implementation period: 44 months (September 2022 – March 2026).

Project budget: 44,942,457.71 EUR. Funds from the plan “New Generation Lithuania” (EUR 44,552,506.4) and the State Budget (389,951.31 EUR) for measures to stimulate the economy and increase resilience.

The project funds will be distributed in 3 funding stages – separate calls for applications according to groups of applicants.

You can submit and fill out the application here.

More detailed information on the conditions of the call, submission of applications, technical requirements of the project, eligible costs, etc. will be indicated in the invitation and published on the following websites: and

About the project

In the joint project “Establishment of private electric vehicle charging access points. aims to directly address the problem of the inadequacy of the private electric car (hereinafter – EV) charging station network by financing the installation of normal and medium power charging accesses in individual homes and near apartment buildings, where the majority of the country’s population and potential EV users live. The aim is also to create conditions for residents to charge EVs at workplaces.

The installed EV charging accesses will encourage the replacement of polluting vehicles with non-polluting vehicles – thus the joint project will directly contribute to the mitigation of climate change.

The goal of the project: development of the EV charging network in Lithuania, by installing private charging access points.

The project is implemented and calls for applications to residents and legal entities are published by the Lithuanian Energy Agency, following the description of project financing conditions approved by the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania. It is planned that the first calls for applications will start in 2022. in September.

The project is financed by means of the Economic Revitalization and Resilience Enhancement and the State Budget of the Republic of Lithuania in accordance with the New Generation Lithuania plan.